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Why do I pay more with you compared to other manufacturers?

Time to rethink! Sustainable food for your dog and the environment!

At napani, we focus on honest ingredients. Without any additives and according to the highest quality standards. Because authenticity is our top priority.

Everything is made in Germany, according to our delicious in-house recipes and with high-quality ingredients, preferably from the region. As far as possible, we only use European organic products and exclusively the best natural and organic meat. Of course, these high-quality standards come at a higher price than, for example, slaughterhouse waste and fillers.

We also source our vegetables and carbohydrate sources as locally as possible. So, for example, your dog gets pumpkin and pumpkin seeds from Austria or rice from Italy.

Love goes through the stomach and that's why we only put in the packaging what is listed on it. Our dog food is free from:

  • Preservatives
  • Flavor enhancers
  • Binding agents
  • Fillers

which many manufacturers use but do not have to declare on the label.

Gute Trute Inhalt

Price composition of conventional food

Preiszusammensetzung normales Futter

Why is conventional food so cheap?

To understand the prices of napani food, it is useful to ask why conventional food is so cheap.

More precisely, how can a 400g can be priced under €3.00, considering that packaging costs, transportation costs, manufacturing costs, marketing, and a profit margin for the trade must be included? Often, the actual content in conventional dog food only amounts to a few cents. Additionally, this food often contains cellulose and cheap grains like corn, wheat, and soy as fillers.

In contrast, we only source European organic products and do not use ingredients from China. Chinese "organic" vegetables, for example, would be about 2/3 cheaper.

Just as you pay attention to your own diet, you should also pay attention to your pet's diet. It is naturally tempting to choose cheap dog food, but in the end, the dog's health suffers in the long term. We care about the well-being of your dog, and that's why you should also ask yourself, is cheap really sensible?

Environmentally Friendly Packaging!

Sustainable in more than one way!

We use compostable bags made from plant-based components, which are more expensive than conventional raw materials. The paper is made from agricultural waste and has the same qualities and properties as regular paper.

The crucial difference is: for "PaperWise," no trees need to be cut down!

We also focus on sustainable packaging for shipping. Shredded old cardboard is used as filling material for high-quality cushioning. Additionally, we use paper tape.

We place a high value on recycling! As much as possible, we strive to reuse used materials. This applies, for example, to packaging materials from nearby retail stores.

napani Gartenzauber
Müllers Muh im Glas

Less is more! Why do we use less meat?

According to the literature (Professor Jürgen Zentek, Nutrition of the Dog) and our own long-term experience, an adult dog only needs about 35 to 45 percent protein-rich food (e.g., meat). The rest should consist of approximately 35 to 45% cereal products (e.g., pasta or rice), about 15% raw fibers (e.g., vegetables or fruits), about 5% oil, and vitaminized mineral food.

Based on these criteria, we have carefully compiled our food mixtures and recommendations in collaboration with our veterinarian.

There is even a possibility to reduce the risk of diet-related diseases by reducing the meat content in your dog's food.

Experience has shown that older dogs, in particular, can benefit from this. They often suffer from the very common uric acid diathesis (gout) in dogs, which is caused by an oversupply of animal protein. (2) According to studies, dogs can even completely do without meat without experiencing health disadvantages or nutrient deficiencies. (3) By the way, a meatless diet can also be used very well as an elimination diet.

Don't forget! A healthy, high-quality, and balanced diet can save your dog many annoying vet visits and a lot of costs as a result.

The Direct Comparison

Don't be fooled! Renowned companies regularly conduct wet dog food tests and comparisons. The focus is mainly on a balanced nutrient content achieved through artificial additives. The reason why premium food sometimes scores poorly compared to cheap food is obvious. The quality of the raw materials, appropriate composition, or allergens are not considered and therefore not evaluated!

What makes premium pet food?

The key features of our premium pet food are:

  • High quality standards
  • Regional products - mostly organic
  • Authenticity (what's on the packaging is what's inside)
  • Appropriate composition
  • Sustainable packaging
  • No artificial additives, fillers, dyes, or flavor enhancers
  • No added sugar

Do you have more questions? Then feel free to contact us!

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