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Transitioning Your Dog's Food...

We show you how to successfully transition your furry friend’s food!

If you want to switch your pet from their current food to napani food, the following tips can help. There are many things your dog might need to adjust to during a food transition: different smell, different taste, different texture, and different ingredients. Especially if your dog has been eating dry food that often contains flavor enhancers, artificial aromas, or even sugar, switching to our natural and high-quality napani food is definitely recommended!

…here’s how!

No Abrupt Changes!

To get your dog used to our food, it is recommended to mix the current food with our napani food.

Start by mixing only 10-20% of napani food with the regular food. Over several days, gradually reduce the amount of the regular food and increase the proportion of napani food. During a food transition, the high-quality food is new to the stomach and intestinal flora, which might react with soft stools, diarrhea, or gas. Therefore, a gradual transition is advisable. If these symptoms occur, we recommend not increasing the proportion of the new food until the stool returns to normal.

During a food transition, the daily food quantity might also change. This needs to be adjusted to the specific needs of the dog.

We recommend a transition period of 10 days to allow your pet to gradually get used to the new, natural taste.

Less meat is more! It's good for your pet – and for the environment! Make the world a little better with every meal!

We recommend a balanced, varied diet for your pet!

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