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Low Purine Dogfood

Low-Purine Dog Food - High-Quality Nutrition for Your Pet

Why low-purine dog food? Some dogs or specific breeds need this special diet to stay healthy or recover more easily. Dalmatians, in particular, have difficulty breaking down the high levels of purines in many conventional products. Therefore, a low-purine diet is essential for them. Dogs suffering from Leishmaniasis and receiving medication for it should also be fed a low-purine diet.

Our low-purine dog food provides your dog with the best possible nutrition. The purine levels in our product descriptions are based on actual laboratory analyses, which sets us apart from many other manufacturers who only provide calculated values. This ensures your pet gets exactly what they need.


Kidney Diet Compatible
Veterinarian Recommended
Also Vegetarian/Vegan
Purinarmes Futter und Nierenfutter von napani - Teaserbild

Our low-purine wet food for dogs is designed to provide your dog with a healthy and balanced diet. Especially for Dalmatians, our low-purine food is ideal to support their health sustainably. Our low-purine varieties are also suitable as liver food or kidney diet food, as well as for dogs with pancreatic issues.

This means that all dogs suffering from Leishmaniasis, kidney disease, liver disease, or gout can benefit from our low-purine diet.

Give your dog the optimal nutrition they deserve with our high-quality low-purine dog food. Your four-legged friend will thank you!

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