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Natürlich fürs Tier - so füttern wir!

We believe in a better world and the well-being of all living beings on this planet. Since 2015, our family business in Bavaria has been developing high-quality pet food. And organic alone is not enough for us! Our solution is a balanced, eco-conscious diet for your pet - with the best organic vegetables, healthy organic fruits, essential vitamins, and valuable minerals.

All made in Germany, following our delicious, in-house recipes and using the finest ingredients, preferably from the region. Developed with and recommended by our veterinarian.

Eco-Conscious - We Love Life, the Earth, and All Animals!

napani - what does it mean? It is an abbreviation for naturalis pro animal, Latin for "Naturally for the Animal!" - our company slogan. We not only think about a good, healthy life for your pet but also care about the well-being of all animals:

For the well-being of your pet and our planet, our carefully prepared meals contain a lot of plant-based protein and as little meat as possible (only one-third of the portion). Following the principle of "Only as much animal protein as necessary and as little as possible!" we use only the best natural and organic meat and also produce vegan pet food.

Because with every meal, the right mix counts! And you will certainly find it for your pet with us. In our varied FIX and Ready! Menus with a little less but the best meat, in our carefully balanced vegan MIX and Ready! Meals, and with our MIX and Ready! Products for Individual Mixing.

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100% ige Deklaration.

Bei uns ist genau das drin, was auch draufsteht. Denn wir wollten ein ehrliches, rein natürliches Futter herstellen, welches wir deinem Vierbeiner in ausschließlich bester Qualität und guten Gewissen anbieten. Garantiert ohne Zusatz- oder Konservierungsstoffe, ohne Bindemittel, ohne versteckte Süssungsmittel und ohne Geschmacksverstärker. "Mit jedem Bissen, ein gutes Gewissen".

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