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Just like in humans, the kidneys in dogs play an important role. They filter out the daily waste products and toxins that arise from protein metabolism from the blood and activate or produce hormones (Vitamin D and erythropoietin). Additionally, the kidneys regulate the water and electrolyte balance in a dog's body. In dogs with chronic or acute kidney disease, this filtering process cannot take place adequately, leading to an accumulation of waste products from protein metabolism. This condition can result in chronic kidney insufficiency, also known as kidney failure, causing symptoms such as diarrhea or loss of appetite. A crucial part of the treatment or prevention of kidney insufficiency is nutrition, specifically the dog food. A low-purine kidney diet or special kidney food for dogs is recommended. Our high-quality, low-purine, and kidney-friendly products support the health of your dog's kidneys. Our products are also suitable for dogs with existing kidney insufficiency.

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